The Glasgow Gallery of Photography 2019

We are a new Gallery located in Glasgow, Scotland, our goal is to showcase photography work from both local and International photographers, Being photographers ourselves, we have realised from our own experience that there are very few galleries exclusively addressed to photographers in Glasgow, although there is such a need. So, in 2019, we decided to create a space in order to give photographers, worldwide, the opportunity to present their work and become known to an audience outside their country of origin.
Our aim is to organize 2 group exhibition per month, presenting more than 50 photographs with original and inspired work each time. Additionally, we would like to give the viewers the chance to get to know as many photographers as possible through their solo exhibitions. We hope that we will succeed in stimulating the viewers and presenting new trends and ways of expression in photography.

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography

20th May – 25th May 2019. Colab, 140 Sanchiehall street, Glasgow Scotland. 8am to 5.30pm

It’s a great honour to have my work, “Northern Beaches Sydney” selected amongst an international group photography exhibition held at The Glasgow Gallery of Photography. This image was taken on a Fuji GX617 panoramic film Camera using Velvia 50. It was my first ever trip to this location which made it all the more difficult in the early hours of the morning in pitch black, negotiating the close to full tide tide and slippery rocks. I remember it also being extremely humid even at that time of the morning. The things we do for a shot 🙂



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