About James


Born in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND & having lived in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA  Suva, FIJI & Los Angeles, USA, I now call Sydney home.

My initiation into Photography started on a 1986-87 road trip around Australia working on farms & fruit picking to sustain our way & was fully realized the following year on a trip that took me through India, Nepal & Bhutan. This trip really opened my eyes to the world around me, particularly my volunteer work for Mother Teresa in Calcutta, my resilience of youth enabling me to get through a rewarding, but also often arduous time. From that moment on, I’ve traveled with my film camera wherever I go, observing & capturing scenes from around the globe.

I am truly honoured to have had a selection of my work in:-

Group Exhibitions


Essex Junction, VT, USA. 2013

Lexington, VA, USA. 2013

Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2013 & 2016

Minneapolis, MN, USA. 2016

Berlin, Germany. 2016

Athens, Greece. 2017

Brattleboro, VT, USA. 2017

Budapest, Hungary 2017

Belgrade, Serbia 2017

Barcelona, Spain 2018

Milan, Italy 2018

Athens, Greece 2019

Sydney, Australia 2019

Glasgow, Scotland 2019

Orlando, Florida USA 2019

Solo exhibitions


Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 2013

Sydney, NSW, Australia. (2x) 2014

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 2015

Sydney, NSW, Australia. 2016

Auckland, New Zealand. 2016

Krakow, Poland. 2016

Trieste, Italy. 2016

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 2017



Photography for me, personally, is about being present and in the moment, giving me a clearer perspective of the world around me.
It awakens my senses.
Provides me artistic expression.
But most importantly, enjoyment.

Welcome To My Journey…