Fotofilmic ’15 Shortlist # 01

Fotofilmic was founded in 2012 as a global film-photography publication and curation platform dedicated to emerging and unknown photo talents attached to film worldwide. FOTOFILMIC’15 is the 3rd edition of FotoFilmic’s annual and global film photography competition.

In the global context of digital technology FotoFilmic reflects an ongoing transformative understanding of Film Photography as a distinct fine art medium and practice within contemporary photography. While most film shooters are presently found in academic art departments pursing advanced degrees, FotoFilmic’s core intention is to open wide the publication doors of contemporary film photography to all talented amateurs without restriction of ages or location that demonstrate high quality of execution and creative envisioning.

For its 3rd iteration FotoFilmic is excited to expand its global film photography reach into America’s East Coast and Asia! FotoFilmic’15 is pleased to announce new partnerships with two prominent photography exhibitors in Manhattan, New York and the Gangnam District in Seoul, two of the world’s most effervescent art and cultural centers, to bring Contemporary Film Photography as a whole into a new highly international East-West focus!



Each edition of the FotoFilmic Competition involves 2 parts:

– 1st a 6-month online curated SHORTLIST of 90 film photographers selected through 3 consecutive 2-month calls (ShortList1, ShortList2 and ShortList3 with 30 artists per list)

2nd an international juried exhibition of contemporary film photography – FotoFilmic’15 this year – featuring 30 final winners and prints from the completed SHORTLIST.

The exhibition, juried by an international panel of editors and curators, features 3 Cash Prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd Places), 2 Honorable Mentions (4th and 5th Places) and 1 Exhibition Catalog publication (EXHIBITION + SHORTLIST).


The FotoFilmic’15 Traveling Exhibition Juror Panel is proud to welcome a new crop of today’s best curating talents in photography around the world!

IANN photography magazine Editor-In-Chief Jeong Eun Kim
Art Critic and Space 22 curator Yeonha Choi

Sous Les Étoiles Gallery Founder & Director Corinne Tapia

Lenscratch Founder and Editor Aline Smithson

C/O Berlin Curator Ann-Christin Bertrand

Oodee Founder Damien Poulain


New to 2015, the FotoFilmic Exhibition FotoFilmic’15 will travel to and open in 3 different cities and countries: first in New York, United States in August 2015, then in Vancouver, Canada in November 2015 and close in Seoul, South Korea in March 2016! This will help the exhibition reach broader audiences in its celebration of 21st C. film photography art and in representing the thousands discovering or rediscovering the enchanting power of shooting celluloid every year!


The first ShortList Call of the FotoFilmic’15 International Juried Film Photography Competition concluded yesterday and we’re excited to announce here the names of the first 30 ShortListed film photographers coming from 10 different countries that will open a brand new season of Online ShortList Feature publications starting tomorrow Tuesday, February 17! Congratulations to all Shortlist#01 winners for making the first Competition cut!

We thank all entrants for sharing their photography work and words with us, we received a very high number of quality entries from all around the world for this Winter ShortList making our final edition a tough decision process! Submissions are now accepted for the Spring ShortList – ShortList#02 – until April 12, 2015 to select another 30 artists working on film & with analogue methods!


1. Aaron Blum | Oakmont, PA, United States

2. Aldobranti Fosco Fornio | Petersfield, UK

3. Ali Bosworth | Toronto, ON, Canada

4. Andrius Sidlauskas | Vilnius, Lithuania

5. Ansley Rivers | Darien, GA, United States

6. Brett Henrikson | Pawtucktet, RI, United States

7. Btihal Remli | Wermelskirchen, Germany

8. Charlotte Bibby | Shepton Mallet, UK

9. Christa Blackwood | Austin, TX, United States

10. Christopher Shaw | Sturgeon County, AB, Canada

11. Claire A. Warden | Phoenix, AZ, United States

12. Clara Wildberger | Graz, Austria

13. Denise Tarantino | San Francisco, CA, United States

14. Eric Pickersgill | Chapel Hill, NC, United States

15. Eric Thompson | Vancouver, BC, Canada

16. Feiyi Wen | London, UK

17. James Niven | Sydney, Australia

18. James Reeder | Brooklyn, NY, United States

19. Joel Stevenett | Vancouver, BC, Canada

20. Joseph La Mela | Roma, Italy

21. Joseph Wright | Purton, UK

22. Julia Borissova | St. Petersburg, Russia

23. Julian Wakeling | Brooklyn, NY, United States

24. Kyra Kennedy | Boston, MA, United States

25. Lindsay Richard | Westmoreland, NH, United States

26. Marc Newton | Savannah, GA, United States

27. Ricardo Kump | Varzea Paulista, Brazil

28. Sarah Fuller | Banff, AB, Canada

29. Sinziana Velicescu | Los Angeles, CA, United States

30. Stefano Martellucci | Battaglia Terme, Italy


My submission for this years  Fotofilmic ’15 Shortlist # 01 can be found here:-



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