Blank Wall Gallery Black and White Exhibition 2019

Photography exhibition
Black & White
Exhibition Duration:
4 January – 16 January 2019

Black & White photography has many fans for a variety of reasons. The atmosphere Black & White photographs have is completely different from that of the colored ones. Imagination can freely create new worlds with or without colors. Nothing can limit the viewers’ creativity and this is something everyone loves. According to one’s mood, a new scene is created each time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even the same person can experience different emotions each time they see a Black & White photograph, according to their mood at the moment. That is why B&W photographs are never dull or boring. On the contrary they are a constant source of new experiences.

It’s a great honour to have one of my selected Photo’s, ” Sarajevo, Bosnia.” selected in the upcoming Blank Wall Gallery’s Black and White group exhibition.



Film Shooters Collective