Blank Wall Gallery Exhibition 2017

Street Photography
Exhibition Duration:
7 January – 20 January 2017. We present photographs showing people around the world in their everyday life; walking to work, having a break or strolling in the city. Spontaneous photographs depicting moments of unknown people’s lives that can still tell us a lot about them. What is surprising is how different life can be from one place to another. Different cities, tell us a different tale, all over the world. Still there are common elements everywhere, which can be seen only after close inspection.Participating artists: 

Alan McQuillan # UK
Anestis Panagopoulos # Greece
Angelos Nikolopoulos # Greece
αRitsos # Greece
Benita VanWinkle # USA
Bruce Berkow # USA
Chara Alexiadou # Greece
Chara Gatsiou # Greece
Danielle Goldstein # USA
David Morel # USA
Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi # Iran
Georg Worecki # Germany
James Niven # Australia
Jolanta Mazur # Poland
Margrieta Jeltema # Netherlands
Mark St. John Qualter # UK
Susan Bowen # USA
Susana Cabanero # Spain
Terry Thorpe # Thailand
Wil Scott # USA



** It’s a great thrill and honour to be exhibiting two of my works in Blank Wall’s 2017 group exhibition, ” Street Photography”
My two works on display amongst an international selection of photographers are:-
Thank you Maria!





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