Mpls Photo Center Group exhibition 2016


Mpls Photo Center – Abstracted Group Exhibition

We all see a bit differently. As photographers we are always “looking” at everything, often to find the extraordinary in the mundane, or to simplify the complex. Whether our subjects and frames are still and carefully composed, or filled with movement and light, taken at a distance, or close-up; this call for entry asks you to show us pictures that are not so much representative of a literal reality, but re-presentations that make them uniquely your own.
Abstraction is the reduction of an image or scene to a set of lines, colors, symbols or patterns that results in a stylized representation of the object.  Its true self is obscured. Its actuality may not be readily apparent. It has been transformed. It has been Abstracted.
Shapes, colors, lines and textures all carry meaning, and allow the viewer to see the unique viewpoint that is your mind’s eye. As you interpret and frame and evolve the world around you, share with us your abstracted photographs that illuminate, or even cloud our understanding of that world.
My Abstract image, ” Portland, Oregon, USA” has been excepted into the group exhibition, “Abstracted”, in Minneapolis, USA.
Mpls Photo Center
2400 North Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Opening reception 6:30-9:00pm. 23rd September 2016
September 23rd-November 20th, 2016.



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