1650 Gallery, Los Angeles USA Exhibition 2016

1650 gallery Jan 2016

1650 Gallery is hosting the juried photography exhibition
The Man Show

Men – they are everywhere. Women are photographed constantly, but what about the lowly male of the species? Sure, they’re not pretty, they don’t smell that good, they aren’t curvey and when they laugh they don’t make that lovely lilting sound those lucky women do. Men are different! Sweating and swearing and grunting their way through life, clawing their way from crisis to crisis, hunting and gathering to collect the tools and toys they need to survive; men are purpose-built. They lift weights, sing songs, write words, fight fights and make machines, all in common purpose to keep home and hearth secure. A fraternity united by the dark horizon. Because nerd or blowhard, hipster or gangster, dude, bro or gentleman, all men eventually face the same truth: live today while you can, because tomorrow the short straw belongs to you. We all know the unspoken rule: “women and children first!” And so men yearn to adventure, some in flak jackets and some in bowties, in a bid to delay the inevitable. But ultimately the sea can’t be held back, every problem will not gain a solution and the walls of time can not hold. And so into the void men go.

This month at 1650 it’s all about the man of the house. We pointed our cameras at the UN-fairer sex this month as 1650 pays tribute to DUDES, BROS AND GENTLEMEN!

7:30 – 10:30pm
1650 Studio & Gallery, Echo Park
1650 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026


Honoured to have two of my works picked amongst a wonderful selection in 1650 Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, “Dudes, Bros and Gentlemen.”
1/ Vevcani, Macedonia
2/ Berati, Albania




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